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Ways to Stay Focused During Your Summer Courses

The summer months are an ideal opportunity to work on completing your education. Class sizes are smaller, your schedule may be a bit lighter, and it puts you that much closer to completing your degree. Yet, it’s hard to stay motivated and focused on school when you could be heading to a friend’s barbeque or off to the pool every day. How can you keep your eye on the prize and achieve your goals of completing your education during the warm months of summer? Online summer courses are a must for many of today's graduate students.

Celebrating the History of Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2016! Dozens of countries around the world commemorate this special day. Americans set aside five days each May to honor and thank the professionals in our country who bear the huge responsibility for inspiring and educating our nation’s youth. This year the celebration takes place May 2 through 6.

Personal Training - What’s Your Career Path?

The fitness industry is far broader than many aspiring personal trainers realize. Many enter health and wellness programs expecting to eventually work in a gym setting, never realizing that there are also numerous options for home and corporate-based personal training. As you pursue a Master of Science in Health and Human Performance, pay careful attention to your long-term career path, as the knowledge you gain now could set you up for future success in gym management or ownership.

Your First Year of Teaching: From Surviving to Thriving

For new elementary school teachers, knowing where to begin can prove challenging. It’s vital for a new teacher to have a plan in mind on that very first day in the classroom. By following these tips, you can expect to hit the ground running and survive your first year with ease.

The Art of Multitasking

“There aren’t enough hours in the day.”

“Where will I find the time?” “I’ll get to that tomorrow.”

At some point during the day, the week, the month, we all feel like we are racing against the clock – and often losing. We’re chasing the seconds and minutes that tick by, rarely accomplishing what we set out to accomplish.

So we seek efficiencies and try to solve the equation: “How can I accomplish A, B and C given X amount of time?” Here’s the good news: It can be solved with a single answer: multitasking.

Benefits of Early Rising

Be the bird

The early bird catches the worm.

Our parents told us this when we were young, and it’s likely we’ve used the phrase on our own kids, encouraging them to wake up and seize the day. As a kid, the meaning behind it doesn’t quite resonate – and an hour of sleep seems like a much better idea than catching any slimy worm.

The Importance of Setting Goals and How to Effectively Set Them

Goals: They help us believe in ourselves, hold us accountable and help us identify what we are truly after and propel us further.

Here are three goal-setting strategies to help you:

Resume and Interview Do's and Don'ts

You don’t want your first impression to be your last when it comes to the job interview process. A good first impression is the critical foundation of successful employment seeking from resume submission to the face-to-face meeting with a hiring manager.

Learn Smart: Time-Saving Computer Strategies

As an adult or working student, your time is one of your most precious and powerful commodities in achieving your learning and career goals. Your computer can be a vital tool in maximizing your time during your education experience.

Getting Smart About Emotional Intelligence

Traditionally, emotional awareness wasn’t a part of measuring objective intelligence, but more recently, an accurate awareness of self and others has become an important factor in determining success, both in personal and professional spheres.

Emotional intelligence: What is it?

Four attributes make up emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. Understanding these attributes is the key to enhancing emotional intelligence.

"The Rank 1 program at UC provides a broad array of avenues for enhancing our roles as educators."

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– Elizabeth Stack

"Being part of the new era of technology allows UC to be a great learning institution as well as versatile."

Read More >
– Lesley Tipton
PA Program Student

"UC does an excellent job of bringing students from the virtual world together in a cohesive class unit."

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– Jennifer Kincaid
Assistant Principal
MAED Program Student

"The [MBA] program allowed me to make great contacts and network with other professionals."

Read More >
– Amanda Farris
Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries

"I was attracted to UC because of its location in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains ..."

Read More >
– Suzanne Benninger
PA Program Student

"UC has multiple attributes that I find attractive. Its affordability, high moral standards and sense of ..."

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– April Templeton
MBA graduate

"I enjoyed the quality of the materials and the instructors. The knowledge I gained will help me in my business."

Read More >
– Eric Greer
Founder & President

"I believe that UC is making great strides toward becoming one of the best online programs."

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– Benjamin Clayton
MACS Program

"The MBA program fit my busy lifestyle. I was able to attend MBA classes and do the assigned work all ..."

Read More >
– Pam Jones
Baptist Regional Medical Center

"I enjoyed the convenience and flexibility of the schedule especially with four children. The small ..."

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– Mark Steely
Coordinator of Radiology and Radiation Safety Officer
Baptist Regional Medical Center

"The learning environment and the facilities at UC PA are the best around and it makes learning so much ..."

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– Kevin Caddell
PA Program Student

"The online program at UC has allowed me to further my education while maintaining my personal commitments."

Read More >
– Carl Roberts
MAT Program

"UC provided me with the tools and professional network of individuals to lead our school district in South Carolina."

Read More >
– David O’Shields
Laurens County School District

"Enrolling in the University of the Cumberlands’ MBA program was a rewarding and valuable investment ..."

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– Brooklyn Hooker
Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation

"The MBA program has given me an opportunity to further my education while working a full-time job."

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– Desrick Jones
Assistant Manager
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

"The MAED program was a very comprehensive and robust experience that definitely added value to ..."

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– Nathan Smith
Elementary School Teacher

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