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Dr. Margaret Combs Professor
Office:Hutton School of Business/faculty, Room 214
Phone:(606) 539-4254 or 1-800-343-1609 ext 4254

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Doctor of Business Administration, University of Sarasota
Master of Science in Accounting, University of Kentucky
Master of Arts, Eastern Kentucky University

Certified Public Accountant ( Kentucky and Florida)

“The Ethical Development of Accounting Students and Non-Accounting Business Students at Church Affiliated Liberal Arts Colleges: An Empirical Investigation” North American Accounting Society Conference, 2007.

“Accounting Discipline Forum Panel” North American Accounting Society Conference, 2007;

“Creating as Assessment Process Beneficial to Your Organization” Midwest Business Administration Association Conference, 2006.

“Accounting Ethics”, North American Accounting Society Conference, 2003.

“Accounting for Environmental Costs Results in Effective Cost-based Decisions” 2002, North American Accounting Association.

Beta Alpha Psi
Sigma Beta Delta

Chair, Members in Education Committee of Kentucky Society of CPAs
Executive Leadership Council of Kentucky Society of CPAs

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Kentucky Society of CPAs.

Principles of Accounting
Financial Management
Business Communications
Personal Finance


Dr. R. Michael LaGrone Professor
Office:Hutton School of Business/faculty, Room 210
Phone:(606) 539-4273 or 1-800-343-1609 ext 4273

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When Dr. Mike LaGrone joined the University of the Cumberlands faculty in 1998, he brought with him a wealth of experience as both a teacher and as a business professional. Between 1972 and 1983, he worked as a financial analyst and consultant for companies in Indiana and South Carolina, and since 1984 he has held faculty positions at Clemson University and the University of South Carolina at Spartanburg.

Like several other members of the Business Administration faculty, Dr. LaGrone’s first degree was earned in another field. In 1969 he graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Georgia. In 1974, he earned an M.B.A. in Finance from Indiana University, and in 1990, a Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of South Carolina. He was certified to practice as an Enrolled Agent before the IRS in 1983, passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam the same year, and became a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in 1986.

Dr. LaGrone is a member of the American Accounting Association and of the Institute of Management Accountants, with which he has held several offices, including, most recently, that of President and Webmaster for the Knoxville chapter for 2001-2002. His professional expertise has been further recognized by his selection to serve as a peer reviewer of the Accounting Department of Thomas More College.

Courses Taught
BACC 131 Principles of Accounting I
BACC 132 Principles of Accounting II
BACC 331 Intermediate Accounting I
BACC 332 Intermediate Accounting II
BACC 337 Accounting Information Systems
BACC 431 Cost Accounting I
BACC 432 Cost Accounting II
BACC 436 Governmental Accounting
BADM 330 Legal Environment of Business

Publications and Presentations
"Cooperative Learning Applications in Introductory Accounting and Their Continuing Effects," with J. Davis, forum presentation at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, August, 1996.

"Assessment of Instructional Delivery Alternatives in Accounting," with J. Davis, presented to the South Carolina Higher Education Assessment 8th Annual Conference, November 1995.

"Assessment of Environmental Change and the Accounting Principles Courses," with J.R. Davis, in the Collected Papers and Abstracts-47th SEAAA Annual Meeting-1995.

"Non-doctoral Accounting Faculty-Perceptions and Role in Business Schools," with J. McMillan, in the Collected Papers and Abstracts-46th SEAAA Annual Meeting-1994.

"The Effects of Ethics Instruction on Accounting Graduate Students: Transitory or Persistent?" with J.R. Davis and R. Welton, in the Collected Papers and Abstracts-45th SEAAA Annual Meeting-1993.

"An Investigation of the Effects of Ethics Instruction on the Moral Development of Accounting Graduate Students," with R. Welton, in the Collected Papers and Abstracts-44th SEAAA Annual Meeting-1992.

"State Space Forecasting of EPS," in the International Association of Business Forecasting’s 5th Annual Conference Proceedings, presented October 1991.

"Evaluation of Multivariate Earnings Forecasting," in The Institute of Management Sciences Southeastern Chapter Proceedings, edited by R. Zigli and S. Steinriede, p. 186-188, and presented October 1991.

"Ethics Seminar," a CPE Session sponsored by the Institute of Management Accountants, Greenville and Anderson Chapter; presented with R. Welton, Fall 1991 and Spring 1992.


Dr. Sam Kaninda Assistant Professor
Office:Hutton School of Business, Room 214
Phone:(606) 539-4254

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Mr. Chin-Teck Tan Associate Professor
Office:Hutton School of Business/faculty, Room 217
Phone:(606) 539-4275 or 1-800-343-1609 ext 4275

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Mr. Chin Teck Tan, a native of Klang, Malaysia, joined the faculty of University of the Cumberlands in 1988, just one year after graduating from UC with a B.S. in Business/Data Processing Systems. In the interim, he earned an M.B.A from Tennessee Technological University. He maintains memberships with the Kentucky Economic Association, the Institute for Management Accountants, and the Academy for Business Administration.

Outside the classroom, Mr. Tan is considered an important figure in the recruitment of international students. As coach for both men’s and women’s tennis, he has led several teams to the NAIA finals and has been named Coach of the Year four times. In addition, he coached the Malaysian National Tennis Team in 1999.

Courses Taught
BACC 131 Principles of Accounting I
BADM 135 Macroeconomics
BADM 136 Microeconomics
BADM 331 Principles of Management
BADM 334 Principles of Marketing
BADM 436 International Business
BADM 438 Business Policy and Strategy

Mr. Gary Gibson Associate Professor
Office:Hutton School of Business/faculty, Room 213
Phone:(606) 539-4305 or 1-800-343-1609 ext 4305

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Ms. Janie Carter Associate Professor
Office:Hutton School of Business/faculty, Room 215
Phone:(606) 539-4274 or 1-800-343-1609 ext 4274

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Ms. Jane E. Carter, a native of Williamsburg, Kentucky, earned her first degree in Music Education, being awarded a B.S. from Cumberland College in 1975. In 1980, she earned an M.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Kentucky, and has since completed further study at West Georgia College, the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, and the Philanthropy Tax Institute.

Ms. Carter is a member of the American Marketing Association, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, the Kentucky Council for Economic Education, and serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation.

Her service as an exceptional educator at University of the Cumberlands has not gone unrecognized. In 1991, she received the Award for Excellence in Teaching and in 1994 she was named Honored Professor recognized by the Student Government Association.

Courses Taught
BADM 135 Macroeconomics
BADM 136 Microeconomics
BADM 334 Principles of Marketing
BADM 430 Advertising
BADM 433 Services Marketing
BADM 435 Consumer Behavior
INTR 401, 402 Corporate Internship
Publications and Presentations

"Opportunities at Peking University Through the Consortium for Global Education." Presented September 1998. Annual meeting of the CGE in Phoenix, Arizona.


"UC provided me with the tools and professional network of individuals to lead our school district in South Carolina."

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– David O’Shields
Laurens County School District

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– Suzanne Benninger
PA Program Student

"I enjoyed the quality of the materials and the instructors. The knowledge I gained will help me in my business."

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– Eric Greer
Founder & President

"The learning environment and the facilities at UC PA are the best around and it makes learning so much ..."

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– Kevin Caddell
PA Program Student

"Being part of the new era of technology allows UC to be a great learning institution as well as versatile."

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"I believe that UC is making great strides toward becoming one of the best online programs."

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– Benjamin Clayton
MACS Program

"The [MBA] program allowed me to make great contacts and network with other professionals."

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Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries

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Elementary School Teacher

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Baptist Regional Medical Center

"The MBA program has given me an opportunity to further my education while working a full-time job."

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– Desrick Jones
Assistant Manager
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

"UC does an excellent job of bringing students from the virtual world together in a cohesive class unit."

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– Jennifer Kincaid
Assistant Principal
MAED Program Student

"The online program at UC has allowed me to further my education while maintaining my personal commitments."

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– Carl Roberts
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