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Course Descriptions

BAOL 531
Managerial Accounting
3 credit hours
This course focuses on managerial accounting concepts, including costing, budgeting, forecasting, planning and control. Emphasis is on preparing and using financial statements as well as various managerial reports for decision-making.
BUOL 532
Organizational Behavior
3 credit hours
This course is the study of individual and group behavior within diverse organizations. Examination of organizational structure, processes, norms and values is included. Emphasis is given on the topics of leadership, management styles, organizational fit and change, motivation, group dynamics, and business process efficiency.
BUOL 533
Marketing Management
3 credit hours
This course acquaints the student with the seminal concepts and models appropriate for marketing management. Course content and experiences will allow students to develop the knowledge base and skills necessary for devising and implementing strategic marketing plans which complement organizational goals.
BUOL 534
Managerial Finance
3 credit hours
This course focuses on the advanced study of financial topics, including capital budgeting, risk and cost of capital, capital structure of the firm, financial analysis, leverage and time value of money. It provides students practical decision-making and problem solving using real world examples.
BUOL 535
Managerial Economics
3 credit hours
This course focuses on case analysis using microeconomic theory and statistical techniques to aid in decision-making processes. Topics include demand and cost analysis, pricing in different market and risk conditions, forecasting methods and constrained optimality.
BUOL 537
Legal, Ethical, and Social Environment
3 credit hours
This course is a study of the appropriate roles of business in society, the constraints placed on business by the legal system and government regulation, and the ethical responsibilities of managers. It provides students with an understanding of how the law and the political process affect business strategy and decision making, including the various means and procedures for resolving legal disputes in business matters. The course highlights ethical conflicts and dilemmas, and provides plausible frameworks for dealing with those conflicts.
BUOL 538
Management of Investments
3 credit hours
This course focuses on the study of the principles of investments, including the supply of and demand for investment funds; types of stocks, bonds, and other investments; the functions of securities markets; the analysis of different types of securities; and the government regulation of the securities market. The course focuses on investment management decisions and their impact on other functional business elements.
BUOL 539
Research and Report Writing
3 credit hours
This course focuses on developing skills to engage in research, write persuasive and informative business documents, and create and deliver effective presentations. Students will have opportunities to work individually and collaboratively.
BUOL 631
Managing in a Global Environment
3 credit hours
This course provides a study of the involvement of American firms in the international community with special emphasis on the impact of foreign competition on domestic markets, management of multinational enterprises and decision-making in the international environment.
BUOL 632
Advanced Human Resource Management
3 credit hours
Advanced Human Resource Management is the study of contemporary topics related to effective management of human resources. This course emphasizes in depth research and analysis of the interrelationship of the human resource function in a dynamic business environment.
BUOL 638
Strategic Decision-Making
3 credit hours
This capstone course integrates the knowledge learned from all functional areas in business into a strategic plan. In addition to reviewing key concepts of business and corporate strategy, the course addresses traditional approaches to industry and competitor analysis and competitive advantage, and contemporary extensions and refinements of these concepts. Analytical tools and techniques are demonstrated through case studies focusing on the relationship between an organization and its environment, competition, market entry, vertical integration, diversification, global competition, and strategic alliances. This capstone course must be completed at University of the Cumberlands. Prerequisites: BACC 531, BADM 532, BADM 533, BADM 534, and BADM 535.
BUOL 536
Advanced Management Information Systems
3 credit hours
This course explores major components and architectural models of computer information systems, including information concepts; information flow; types of information systems; the role of information in planning operations, control, and decision making; and integrated information systems across a range of functional elements. Course work emphasizes various strategies and best practices for the management of data necessary for efficient and successful business operations.
BUOL 690
Special Projects in Business and Related Subjects
3 credit hours
Special Projects is designed to allow students to conduct in depth investigation, research, and analysis of current topics or specialized study in a specific area of business. The course may be retaken under different subtopics for a cumulative total of 6 hours.

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