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Course Descriptions

Diversity in Multicultural Society
This course provides an overview of how formal political activities and social forces at the federal, state, and local levels impact administrative decision-making in educational institutions. The course also provides strategies for managing institutional politics to make them constructive components of administration.
Introduction to Educational Administration
Theories of administration and practice at the district and community levels. Administrative function and types of school organization are examined. This class is designed to introduce the student to the theories and concepts of administration including personnel, finance, law, school organization and curriculum. Research studies which have been completed by state and regional administrative groups and frequent seminars in administration are held.
ADOL 631
School Program Improvement
This course identifies some of the innovative research and programs driving school improvement. Initiatives currently in place in America’s schools will be discussed and examined. Further, the course provides the student with ways to access current educational conditions at the school and district level as well as provide suggestions regarding instituting change.
ADOL 639
The Supervisor
This course examines the role of the school supervisor at the three levels of public schools. The course provides an analysis also of the duties and responsibilities of supervisors assigned to specific subjects and grade levels.
Special Education and School Leadership
The administration of the special education program in public and private schools is a significant component of an administrator’s duties. This course seeks to familiarize prospective school administrators with the laws of special education and other laws related to handicapped children in schools. Three legislative enactments IDEA, Section 504, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will be addressed. The course also focuses on related topics including; (1) due process hearings, (2) remedies available to parents and school districts, (3) school records, (4) the identification and evaluation of children with disabilities including the process for evaluations, individualized education plans, placement, notice and consent, (5) discipline and (6) best practices for establishing a working relationship with parents of special education students.
Practicum: Supervisor of Instruction
This course is a supervised practicum designed to provide experiences at the elementary, middle, and high school level. The student, acting under the supervision and direction of one or more supervisors, will perform all the normal functions of a Supervisor of Instruction including program evaluation and improvement.
ELCC 835
Administrative Strategies for School Improvement
This course explores the relationship between the efforts of a school principal or other school administrator to the improvement of student achievement. The courses offer a survey and evaluation of resources and methods for nurturing school improvement.
ELSA 730
The Politics of Educational Decision Making
The course provides an overview of how formal political activities and social forces at the Federal, state and local levels impact administrative decision-making in educational institutions. The course also provides strategies for managing institutional politics to make them constructive components of administration.
Human Resource Management and Supervision
This course is a study of the role of the school administrator in managing the human resource function. Included in this course is a study of the organizational dimensions of the personnel function, along with planning, recruitment, selection, placement, development, and appraisal of the individual. This course also deals with the school administrator in his/her capacity as supervisor of the human resources of the school. In addition, the legal aspects of Human Resource Administration are discussed 3 semester hours.
Business Management in Public Schools
This course analyzes the principles, practices, policies, revenues and expenditures of school funds and school resource allocation at the district and school level. Special attention is given to school budgeting. Other topics in this course may be discussed featuring – but not limited to – finance formulas, financial accounting, purchasing and supply problems, school construction, school equipment, and school insurance
ADOL 637
School Law II
This course continues the goals of EDAD 636 and places additional emphasis in specific areas of school law including Special Education, government requirements such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA), and other state and federal requirements. Students in this class will additionally conduct research on a legal issue of their choosing.
ADOL 640
School Superintendency
This course analyzes the role of the school superintendent in public education. Content knowledge, job expectations, and job descriptions are addressed. Also addressed are ways in which the superintendent’s position can be used in order to generate educational improvement.
School System Administration
This course examines and analyzes the daily job responsibilities of a public school superintendent including areas such as financial management, instructional support and improvement, the management of and planning for school facilities and federal program management.
Strategic Management
This course seeks to provide the student with information and practical application on the leadership and strategic management functions necessary for raising student achievement in public schools.
ADOL 669
Superintendent Practicum
Supervised practicum designed to provide experiences at the elementary, middle and high school level. The student, acting under the supervision and direction of one or more supervisors for one hundred hours, will perform all the normal functions of a superintendent including program evaluation and improvement. The one hundred hours will be divided between two different schools. Formal documentation is required. The college professor will direct the practicum and provide in-class time for study, analysis and reflection.

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