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In order to help deliver the most value to educators, University of the Cumberlands offers affordable rates for all MAED programs.

  • $291 per credit hour
  • $50 technology fee per session (we offer six eight-week sessions per year:  2 in the spring, 2 in the fall, and 2 in the summer) - a select few courses run on a 16 week schedule

A 3 credit hour course will have a cost of $873, and our MAED programs are generally 30 credit hours, with exception of the School Counseling program which requires completion of 48 credit hours. You can roughly figure the following tuition and fee expense for a 30 credit hour program completed in 10 months.

Tuition Fees
$291 per credit hour x 30 credit hours
Technology Fee
$50 per term x 5 eight week terms
Tuition and Fees $8,980