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Course Descriptions

HHP 530 Research Methods – This is an introduction to the research process to provide practical tools to understanding, planning, conducting, assessing, and presenting research.

HHP 531 Applied Statistics - The focus of this course is to teach basic statistical and evaluative techniques, computer application skills in data analysis, and effective communication of results for research, reports, and presentations. Prerequisite: HHP 530.

HHP 532 Applied Nutrition – Fundamental and diverse nutritional education and practices will be addressed in the framework of allied health professionals working with various populations of active individuals.

HHP 533 Health and Fitness Psychology - Various psychological principles associated with health and fitness will be covered. Topics may include psychological variables that hinder or heighten performance, factors influencing adherence to exercise, behavior change, and injury recovery.

HHP 534 Exercise Physiology – This is a study of various factors that affect human performance to include regulatory mechanism, adaptations, and changes as a result of physical activity.

HHP 535 Exercise Testing and Prescription – This course studies the principles of exercise testing and prescription for healthy and diseased states. This course will assist in the preparation for any personal trainer exam and the ACSM EP-C (Certified Exercise Physiologist) test for national certification.

HHP 536 Foundations of Physical Activity in Health Promotion – This course will be a comprehensive examination of classic and contemporary global studies showing the influence of physical activity on chronic disease. This information can be used in leading individuals, communities, and global society toward improved health and quality of life.

HHP 537 Coaching and Fitness Leadership - This course develops a theoretical base for teaching sport and exercise skills and to be used for practical application. The course includes the development of a leadership philosophy, with an emphasis on ethics and establishing a leadership style. An examination of the contemporary trends and issues in this area will be included.

HHP 630 Health Promotion through Physical Activity – In this course, students will demonstrate their competencies of health promotion and disease prevention, assessment and screening, intervention, and program planning and evaluation. This course will assist in the preparation for the ACSM/NPAS for Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist Certification exam. Prerequisites: HHP 536.

HHP 631 Advanced Coaching and Fitness Leadership - This course provides an in-depth study of the influence on individual and team performance in sport and exercise settings. There will be a focus on interpersonal aspects such as cohesion and leadership along with topics such as communication, management, skill acquisition, and risk management. Prerequisite: HHP 537.

HHP 632 Current Issues in Health Promotion – This course investigates current issues and trends in the areas of health and fitness.

HHP 633 Current Issues in Coaching and Fitness Leadership – This course investigates current issues and trends in the areas of sport and exercise.

HHP 634 Strength and Conditioning - This course is designed to study the principles and methods of training and conditioning in sports and exercise. The focus is to develop holistic training programs that include exercise and nutrition. This course will assist in the preparation for the NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) test for national certification.

HHP 635 Youth Health and Fitness - The course is designed to explore the health and developmental benefits of fitness training on youth. This course will also assist in the understanding of safe, age-appropriate exercise, fitness assessment, and program design. This course assists in the preparation for a youth fitness specialist certification.

HHP 636 Supplementation for Health and Human Performance - The purpose of this course is to examine the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements used for health and human performance.

HHP 637 Applied Sports Medicine – This course will overview prevention, recognition, and management of sport and exercise injuries and other conditions influencing human performance and safety.

HHP 638 Administrative and Management Strategies - The course will study basic concepts, theories, and practical application pertaining to administration and management of sport and fitness programs. Topics may include organizational structure and function, program development and administration, human resource management, financial management, information management, and legal considerations.

HHP 639 Special Topics – The course is designed to provide information that is of particular interest to the fields of Health and Human Performance. Topics will vary. Course may be repeated with different topics.

HHP 690 Program Portfolio in Health and Human Performance – In this program-exit activity, students develop an e-portfolio based upon signature assignments from previous courses. In framing the significance of these professional artifacts, students demonstrate their expertise and competence in the field of health and human performance and explore a selected topic related to their coursework and professional goals. The e-portfolio may include a practical application of their coursework or a scholarly literature review. Students typically enroll in this course after at least 24 credit hours have been earned toward the degree. Students must earn a satisfactory “S” score on this portfolio. Credit, 0 credit hour.

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