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Mission and Goals

The Nursing - RN-BSN program mission, purposes (goals) vision and philosophy reflect the University of Cumberlands (UC)’s mission and vision:

UC continues to offer promising students of all backgrounds a broad-based liberal arts program enriched with Christian values. The University strives for excellence in all of its endeavors and expects from students a similar dedication to this pursuit. Its commitment to a strong academic program is joined with a commitment to a strong work ethic. UC encourages students to think critically and creatively so that they may better prepare themselves for lives of responsible service and leadership. This focus of its undergraduate programs is extended and extrapolated into its graduate programs. These programs also nurture critical and creative thinking in pursuit of the “life-more-abundant” for both the individual and society. At UC, graduate study prepares professionals to be servant-leaders in their disciplines and communities, linking research with practice and knowledge with ethical decision making in the pursuit of the life-more-abundant for both the individual and society.

Our mission is to provide accessible and innovative higher education to shape the profession of nursing and the health care environment by developing leaders in education, research, and practice.


The purposes of the RN-BSN program are to:

  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of students in practice caring for individuals, families, groups, communities, across the lifespan and the continuum of healthcare environments
  • Strengthen research skills and knowledge of students for use in an evidence-based nursing practice
  • Nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills of students in a healthcare environment
  • Expand data management and communication skills of students appropriate to improve the quality and safety of nursing care
  • Expand management and leadership strategies and skills of students to meet the needs of the healthcare community

Program Outcomes

1. Analyze clinical judgments to determine the most appropriate nursing response.

2. Individualize communication in designing, coordinating, documenting, and evaluating effective nursing care.

3. Integrate research and evidence-based practice to design nursing care for individuals, families, groups and communities.

4. Incorporate both contemporary technology and leadership strategies to improve health care.

5. Recognize how the components of diversity impact health and heath care allowing for the delivery of culturally sensitive care to diverse populations.

6. Impact health care systems and policies to foster nursing roles and interdisciplinary collaboration in health promotion and disease management.

7. Demonstrate a commitment to advanced study and lifelong learning.


The vision of the Nursing RN-BSN program is that the faculty, focusing on the application of clinical reasoning, research, evidence-based practice, collaboration and leadership skills, produces graduates that are prepared to become leaders in the nursing profession in a variety of settings including hospitals, ambulatory care centers, health service organizations, community health care settings, long-term care and rehabilitative settings, research centers, case management and political / legislative settings.


The core values of the Nursing RN-BSN program are caring, diversity, integrity, leadership, collaboration, respect, and excellence. The values are defined as follows:

  • Caring - offering of self (intellectual, psychological, spiritual, and physical aspects one possesses as human beings) to attain a goal. In nursing the goal is to facilitate and enhance the patient’s ability to do and decide for themselves
  • Diversity - embraces not only ethnic groups and people of color, but also other marginal or vulnerable people in society. Response to diversity is the nurse’s ability to recognize, appreciate, and incorporate differences (individuality, spiritual, cultural, ethnicity, family configurations, values, socioeconomic status, beliefs) into provisions of care
  • Integrity - acting in accordance with appropriate professional code of ethics and accepted standards of practice
  • Leadership - seen as a role of influence, not just as a position of authority. Leadership is the development of skills that allow the leader to coordinate, guide and direct groups through transformational approach-emphasizing a positive work environment, using change effectively, rewarding staff for expertise and performance, and development of staff awareness
  • Collaboration - intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary effort among health care providers, patients and families, in which there is mutual trust and understanding that each partner contributes to the relationship toward achieving optimal, realistic goals
  • Respect for students as autonomous adult learners
  • Excellence - develops nursing workforce that surpasses ordinary standards of care

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science-Nursing at University of the Cumberlands is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

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