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Required Nursing Courses and Descriptions

NRSOL 331.
The Nursing Profession Today and Tomorrow
3 credit hours
This course explores the nursing profession for the RN developing skills and strategies to thrive in a rapidly changing social, scientific, technical and institutional environment. Focus is given to different models of nursing practice.
NRSOL 332.
3 credit hour
This course explores the pathophysiology of common disease states emphasizing nursing application. The student will address scientific principles essential to understanding alterations in body systems and will develop professional nursing clinical decision making for health promotion, risk reduction, and disease management across the life span. The course examines implications for nursing practice on common alterations in body systems and addresses etiology, clinical presentation, and appropriate treatment of the disease process. This course serves as a pre-requisite for NRSOL 337.
NRSOL 333.
Statistics for Nursing
3 credit hours
This course focuses on enhancing understanding and facilitating the application of statistical information to meet the demands for accountability, achieving and maintain best practices and to make outcome-based decisions. This course must be taken before NRSOL 336.
NRSOL 334.
Healthcare Communication
3 credit hours
This course explores the rapidly changing information-sharing networks of modern healthcare systems, as well as the teaching opportunities and responsibilities these provide medical personnel in a holistic approach to health care.
NRSOL 335.
Nursing in a Multicultural Environment
3 credit hours
This course explores the challenges faced in healthcare in response to the changing demographics of American culture. The course provides an opportunity for students to examine their personal values and social skills related to practice in a multicultural setting.
NRSOL 336.
Research and Nursing Practice
3 credit hours
This course provides an opportunity for the practicing RN to develop analytical and interpretative skills in reading research and applying it to clinical practice. Emphasis is given to clinical problem-solving using case studies. Pre-requisite: NRSOL 333.
NRSOL 337.
Advanced Health Assessment
3 credit hours
This course provides the RN an opportunity to enhance knowledge and skills in physical assessment of patients throughout the lifespan. Topics include wellness, emergency, chronic and acute assessment principles and procedures. Pre-requisite: NRSOL 332.
NRSOL 339.
Healthcare and Social Policy
3 credit hours
This course explores current trends and issues in contemporary society and their impact upon public healthcare policy. Emphasis is given to case studies focusing on the dynamic relationship between developments in medical knowledge and methods with changes in public health policy and institutions.
NRSOL 432.
Global Health Nursing
3 credit hours
The course uses a multidisciplinary perspective to explore global issues affecting personal, community, and international health and development using approaches from health promotion, population health, and primary health care to help frame analyses. Topics include identification & discussion of lifespan issues that affect global health care and comparing and contrasting the concepts of vulnerability and resilience from the standpoint of cultural factors that affect health status and health care with diverse populations.
NRSOL 441.
Community Healthcare
4 credit hours
This course focuses on common issues encountered in public health institutions. Topics include the array of challenges faced by and resources available to health professionals and their patients. Emphasis is given to efficient use of resources to promote health and wellness.
NRSOL 445.
Principles of Healthcare Management
4 credit hours
This course explores leadership and management principles in healthcare. Topics include strategies for facing challenges with personnel and patients while promoting cost-effective practices in a complex healthcare system.
NRSOL 490.
Senior Seminar
3 credit hours
The course serves as a culmination of the students’ baccalaureate education and illustrates the values, knowledge, skills and attitudes of the professional nursing role. The senior project utilizes but is not limited to, knowledge of leadership skills, principles of teaching/learning, health care policy, change process, group process, team building, collaboration, health care policy and delivery systems, quality improvement, evidence-based car, diversity, nursing roles, information technology and systems, population based care and ethical legal issues. The student will develop a scholarly paper built on knowledge, experience, and scholarship to pursue an area of interest and apply it to practice and will create a program synthesis portfolio demonstrating growth in program outcomes. This course must be taken as the last term of the BSN program.

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