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Dr. Eddie Perkins named Vice President for Medical Services

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University of the Cumberlands (UC) is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Dr. Eddie Perkins as Vice President of Medical Services.

“I am honored to serve the University of the Cumberlands at any capacity and look forward to continuing the Universities’ tradition of excellence and service to the community,” said Dr. Perkins.

Perkins was raised in Williamsburg, Kentucky and was graduated from Williamsburg High School in 1982. He was actually a member of the last class to attend the old school building which today is the Anderson Building located on UC’s campus. The University of the Cumberlands was his first choice for an undergraduate college and it was just across the street from his high school. Dr. Perkins completed his undergraduate work at UC in only three years and received a B.S. in Biology in 1985. He feels that his education from the University of the Cumberlands is an award of its own.

He continued his education at the University of Health Sciences in Kansas City, Missouri. There, he developed a great love and interest for surgery and the treatment of gynecological diseases. Dr. Perkins was presented with the resident of the year award and was chief resident for two years. He impressively published numerous papers on infectious agents of preterm labor and on a laproscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy technique utilizing a surgical stapler device. He was graduated from medical school in 1992 and began working as a gynecologist.

As a physician, Dr. Perkins considers his biggest inspirations to be the people he serves, the community in which he lives, and the teachers, preachers, and mentors that have carefully guided him through his life. Through their commitment and dedication to community service, he credits his growth as a person.

Dr. Perkins holds his career and education close to him, but his favorite pastime revolves around his family and the family farm. He and his wife, Keisha, enjoy running their farm and tending to the animals. They run a small farm, complete with horses, mules, bees, chickens, and goats. Dr. Perkins has also been blessed with four beautiful daughters, Suzanna, Taylor, Emily, and Shaeleigh, who also lend a helping hand on the family farm.

“We will look forward to Dr. Eddie Perkins’ leadership as we explore expanding our academic program to address additional medical and health care needs,” stated UC President Jim Taylor. “These issues are on everyone’s mind, especially with some 79 million people retiring over the coming years and the inevitable cost challenge for care. I have full confidence in Dr. Perkins to lead us in these areas and congratulate him on his appointment.”

While Dr. Perkins can easily admit that his job is equally challenging and rewarding, he feels blessed to work with so many talented people and blessed with the opportunity to participate in the education of the next generation of health care professionals.

“I would like to thank Dr. Taylor and the Board of Trustees for allowing me the opportunity to become a part of the UC family,” said Dr. Perkins gratefully. “I also appreciate the opportunity to give back to the community that has always given so much to me. I am continually blessed to be a part of a tradition of excellence. My goal as UC’s Vice President of Medical Services is to aid the university in its commitment to community service and lifelong learning by developing health related service programs that will be beneficial to our students and society for generations to come.”

"Being part of the new era of technology allows UC to be a great learning institution as well as versatile."

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