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Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

The MSN-FNP program will is comprised of a 48 credit hour curriculum (24 didactic and 18 credit hours blended learning didactic and clinical, and 6 hours for clinical practice internship). The total number of clinical hours upon completion of the program is 720. Prior to admission to clinical, students will need to complete their basic MSN-FNP courses: NRSOL510, NRSOL520, NRSOL530, NRSOL 532, NRSOL550, NRSOL590, NRSOL592, and NRSOL594 (all offered on an 8 week bi-term schedule). Students will experience a blended learning approach with both didactic online classwork in the addition of completion of 120 clinical hours per course in the courses NRSOL670, NRSOL672, and NRSOL674. The course NRSOL 690 will provide a 360 clinical hour concentrated clinical internship. A listing of course titles and credit hours per course is listed below.

  • NRSOL510 Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice (3 credit hours)
  • NRSOL520 Issues in Advanced Practice (3 credit hours)
  • NRSOL530 Epidemiology (3 credit hours)
  • NRSOL 532 Healthcare Technologies and Informatics in Advanced Nursing Practice (3 hours)
  • NRSOL550 Advanced Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice (3 credit hours)
  • NRSOL590 Advanced Pharmacology (3 credit hours)
  • NRSOL592 Advanced Health Assessment (3 credit hours)
  • NRSOL594 Advanced Pathophysiology (3 credit hours)
  • NRSOL670 FNP Advanced Practice I (6 credit hours)
  • NRSOL672 FNP Advanced Practice II (6 credit hours)
  • NRSOL674 FNP Advanced Practice III (6 credit hours)
  • NRSOL690 FNP Advanced Practice Internship (6 hours)

The blended learning courses NRSOL 670, 672, and 674 will take place on a 16 week schedule and will require didactic online learning in addition to the completion of 120 clinical hours per course. Students must maintain satisfactory grades in the didactic portion of the course in addition to satisfactory clinical performance in order to obtain successful progression. A satisfactory grade is defined as a grade of A or B on a traditional grading scale of A = 90-100, and B = 80-89.

The clinical course NRSOL690 FNP Advanced Practice Internship is a 6 credit hour course required for successful completion of the program. This course will be offered on a 16 week schedule and will provide a concentrated clinical internship and will require 360 clinical hours for satisfactory completion of the course. Students must have all other coursework completed with satisfactory grades prior to the completion of the Internship.

First-Year Curriculum. Thirty semester hours comprise the first-year courses.

NRSOL 510 Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice 3 credit hours
NRSOL 510 Issues in Advanced Nursing Practice 3 credit hours
NRSOL 530 Epidemiology 3 credit hours
NRSOL 532 Healthcare Technologies and Informatics in Advanced Nursing Practice 3 credit hours
NRSOL 550 Advanced Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice 3 credit hours
NRSOL 590 Advanced Pharmacology 3 credit hours
NRSOL 592 Advanced Health Assessment 3 credit hours
NRSOL 594 Advanced Pathophysiology 3 credit hours
NRSOL 670 FNP Advanced Practice I 6 credit hours

Second-Year Curriculum. Eighteen semester hours of coursework are required in the second year of the program, including the 360-clock-hour Clinical Practicum.

NRSOL 672 FNP Advanced Practice II 6
NRSOL 674 FNP Advanced Practice III 6

NRSOL 690 FNP Advanced Practice Internship 6

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