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Dr. Aaron Anderson

Faculty Title: 
Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Aaron Anderson is a native of Whitley County, Kentucky. He completed his Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts degree, and Rank I Certificate in education at Cumberland College. In addition, he completed endorsements for Instructional Supervisor, Principal, and Superintendent, at Eastern Kentucky University. Dr. Anderson has 17 years of public school and higher education teaching and administrative experiences; he has served as a high school teacher, middle school principal, adjunct undergraduate and graduate professor.

Dr. Barry Vann named Alumni of the Year from Roane State Community College

Dr. Barry Vann, Director of Community and Higher Education and professor of geography at University of the Cumberlands (UC), was selected for the honor of Alumnus of the Year by Roane State Community College. Vann is director of the Ed.D. program at UC.

Dr. Vann struggled in life with early poverty and put forth much effort in developmental courses in math and English. Despite these early challenges, he completed his undergraduate, masters, and two doctorate degrees.

Ms. Anna Smith

Faculty Title: 
Graduate Admissions Data Processor
Faulkner Building
(606) 539-4390 or 1-800-343-1609 ext 4390

Where do I find information about the Praxis and/or GRE exams?


Below are the entrance exam requirements for our Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.  Links to both the Praxis and GRE websites are also included.   

PRAXIS I Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST) or GRE

I have a copy of my transcripts in a sealed envelope that has not been opened. Can these be accepted for admission?


No, transcripts received from a student in any form are not considered official.  Transcripts must be received directly from the college/university.  

Can I send my Admissions documents prior to completing an application?


No, we do not like to receive admissions documents until we have an application on file to apply those documents to.  Please complete an application prior to having any admissions documents sent.  You can apply now from the following link: Apply Now

Is there an application deadline for admission?


Yes, applications must be received at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the term.  It’s best, however, to begin the process as early as possible so you’ll have time to get all admissions documents in and can register for classes before they begin to fill up.  If you wait two week prior to the beginning of the term to apply, you may not have time to get everything in and may not get the classes you need or prefer.  

Am I required to pass the entrance exam before I can begin classes?


No, candidates can be conditionally admitted with written confirmation of test registration, and can take up to 4 courses on the conditional admittance.  Keep in mind, however, that all admissions documents must be received by the end of the first 4 courses in order to continue on in the program.  Also, students are not eligible to accept a teaching position under the Alternative Certification (Option 6) program under a conditional admittance.  Full admission to the University and Teacher education is required to accept a teaching position.  Full admission is dependent u

How do I know if my admissions documents have been received?


Applicants can review their Checklist on MyUC. Documents will be checked off as received in the Admissions Office.