How do UC the world?

Something beautiful happens when a student decides to explore the world outside of the home they’ve always known. You could be that student! By embracing the differences and discovering the similarities between people of different cultures, you'll be better prepared to enter the workforce with a compassion for diversity and an understanding of individuality, not to mention a better ability to adapt to new surroundings and work around language barriers to find solutions — all of which give you an upper hand when looking for jobs. Beyond the workforce, this program will allow you to create memories and friends that will stick with you for the rest of your life! Don’t wait for adventure; seek it out now through UC Study Abroad.

To be eligible for studying abroad, you must meet these requirements:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Be a full-time, on-campus student at UC
  3. Have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  4. Have attended UC for at least one full semester before travel.

Study Abroad provides unforgettable experiences that combine education with adventure and encourages an enriched appreciation for different cultures and walks of life. Today marks the beginning of your journey. Go into the world, discover yourself, and tell everyone how UC the world!


Art students pose while visiting Italy during a study abroad experience

Where Can I Study Abroad?

With locations like Costa Rica, France, England, Ireland, Italy, and more, UC’s Study Abroad program gives you the opportunity to experience an array of cultures and countries all while pursuing academic excellence! No two students are alike; similarly, no two Study Abroad trips are the same. Cumberlands wants to make sure you find the program that is best for you. Check out the details of these locations and discover the wonders of world travel!

Study Abroad Locations

Costa Rica is best known for its incredible biodiversity and ecological conservation, but it also has excellent opportunities to explore history, biology, business, education, food, art, and language!

UC works directly with Arcos to offer quality cultural and academic immersion.

Students traveling to Costa Rica will take Spanish language classes (no prior Spanish needed) with other Arcos study abroad students, as well as history and culture courses. Students possessing more advanced levels of Spanish have the option to enroll in other academic courses with local ‘Ticos’. Arcos students stay with host families and have regular weekly gatherings such as cultural excursions including a coffee and chocolate plantation tour, whitewater rafting, cloud forest hiking, camping at the beach, and visiting an animal rescue ranch. This program is all-inclusive: international medical insurance, excursions, room (homestay) and board (3 meals/day and laundry), courses, textbook are all included in the cost, which will be discounted to you as a UC student!

Pura Vida awaits!


Experience the metropolitan adventure of a lifetime by studying in London, England! England is vibrant and modern with many opportunities to travel Europe right outside of the capital city. With its European beauty and world-class business marketplace, UC Patriots will be immersed in one of the most influential cities on earth. A variety of internships are also available for the student looking to work in London. Explore cafés, bookstores, historical landmarks, a diverse community, and a bustling life as a city-dweller as you grow in your cultural appreciation and professional repertoire.

Ready to live the life of a Londoner?

Want to see new places, try new food, and make new friends, all while earning college credit? Then studying in Montpellier, France with UC’s summer study program at the Institut Européen de Français is the perfect option for you! No prior study of the French language is required. Experience a culture like no other in the heart of France, where adventure awaits just outside your door. You can venture to the capital city of Paris or to other surrounding European countries, ensuring you make the most of your stay abroad. Learn what it means to be engrossed in a new culture all while studying the country’s beautiful language and other classes geared toward your degree.

Vivez en France!

Experience a warm Irish welcome as a UC student! Dublin embodies the charm of old-world Europe, alongside the most modern advancements; tech and social media giants like Apple and Facebook now appear next to restaurants and theaters that have been a part of the culture for hundreds of years. It's a blend of both worlds. This English-speaking destination is ideal for students looking for a European city experience with a smaller, friendly feel. A variety of internships are also available for the student looking to work in Dublin.

Learn amid the vast crossover of rich history and current amenities by exploring historical sites and millennia-old locations as well as a modern-day coffee shop in the center of the city. Studying in Dublin will grant you the opportunity to make friends, appreciate new dialects, try new foods, and create unforgettable memories!

Ireland waits for you!

Study at the University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain as a UC student and discover a culture unlike any you have experienced before! Courses are offered to students at all levels of Spanish, from beginners to fluent speakers.

While you take classes on the Spanish language and culture, partake in unforgettable opportunities such as touring some of the many cultural sites in Salamanca, taking experiential courses like Spanish Cooking, Guitar, or Flamenco Dance, and participating in school-led weekend excursions to other Spanish cities such as Toledo, Seville, and Barcelona.

Courses are offered in sessions of 2 to 6 weeks throughout the summer. Academic credits are awarded based on what courses are completed and duration of stay. More details of the program may be found here.

See the world for all its wonder, beginning with Spain!

Top Study Abroad Questions

12 sec
What are the study abroad options at Cumberlands?
This year study abroad options are to travel to Greece, London and Paris or Costa Rica. In the past, they've gone to the Dominican Republic and they've also gone to Italy.
What are the Study Abroad options?
10 sec
A Cumberlands student talks about the frequency in which a student can study abroad.
Absolutely, you can study abroad more than once. I myself am a three time repeat traveler. So as long as you can afford it, you can go.
Can you study abroad more than once at Cumberlands?
14 sec
A student talks about having a passport to study abroad.
You will need a passport. You can get the application for your passport on the USPS website and then you can schedule an appointment at your local post office, which we have one here in Williamsburg that you can do, and you can get your passport photo taken there.
Do you need a passport to study abroad?
18 sec
Who is eligible for study abroad?
To be eligible for study abroad, you have to be at least 18 years old before the time of travel. You have to have a 2.5 cumulative GPA. You have to be enrolled for one full term, which is eight weeks before travel. And you also have to be a full time undergraduate student at the Williamsburg campus.
Who is eligible for Study Abroad?

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